Access To The Signpost

What’s Happening?

New regulations are being introduced to make sure that public sector web sites can be accessed by all, irrespective of ability.

Accessibility Keyboard ImageThe Parish Council’s Village Signpost web site, along with all other existing public sector web sites, must meet The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No.2) Accessibility Regulations 2018 by 23rd September 2020. This means the web site must follow the Web Content Accessibility Guideline (WCAG) standard (currently 2.0, soon to be 2.1)

We will be working to make sure that the Signpost meets these standards.

How Will This Affect The Signpost?

You may see changes as we try to make sure that the content on the Signpost meets the required standards over the coming year. Likely changes are:-

  • alterations to the layout of some information on the pages.
  • increased use of headings.
  • changes in the ways that menus work or new pages open.
  • changes in the ways that images are captioned.
  • the inclusion of an accessibility statement.

These changes should improve access for everyone by making the site easier to use, whether or not the user has a disability.

Please Bear With Us!

Firstly, the Signpost’s editor doesn’t have much experience of working with the proposed standard yet but we hope that by starting early we can make sure we meet the regulations by the deadline.

Secondly, the website contains much information that is no longer current (over 1800 posts have been added to the Signpost since we started it) and much of this is rarely accessed.  There is an argument for retaining this material as part of the village’s (more recent) history, but equally, it may need a great deal of effort to ensure it complies with the standards. We are using tools that will help reduce the problem but we have yet to decide how this information will be treated in the long term.

If you have difficulties with using this web site in the mean time, please let us know. By all means add you comment on individual pages or please send emails to:


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