Sorry for the Noise!

Apologies to anyone that is disturbed by the work going on in the woodland this week, especially folks in Sidney Road, Cherwell Terrace and Bankside.

We are using a motorised chipping machine to grind up some of the small branches left over from the felling. This will help to tidy up and to improve the surface on the long path running from the Memorial Glade in the south to the Byfield Road in the north.

Chipper in the Woodland with VolunteersThe chipping is going on over three days – today, Tuesday & Wednesday. Village volunteers and staff from Cummins are helping. Work will be between 10:00am and 3:30pm each day. The chipper will move along the path as the work is done, so we hope that the noise will not be too much of a problem in any one place.

The people working on the chipping machine are briefed on safety and keep a watch for walkers and dogs but please, if you are using the path, keep an ear out for us and watch out.


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