Red Road….

Some folk have expressed concern about work going on along the Red Road.

Kay Coles, Chair of the Parish Council, advises that this is to do with the work on the development of 37 houses either side of the Red Road. The road itself will be unaffected by this development.

Here is a plan of how the development will reinstate the route. This was part of the planning application on the Daventry District Council planning web site where you should look for up to date information against reference number: DA/2018/0370

A Temporary Closure Order was in place which allows the road to be closed up until the end of March 2019. Since the work has not been completed, the developers are required to apply to the Secretary of State for Transport for an extension. (Details of Temporary Road Closures and the related procedures can be found on the Northants County Council web site.

A copy of the closure order (as updated 28th February 2019) and a map showing alternative routes can be downloaded here.

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