Bat & Bird Boxes In The Woodland

One of the aims of the Management Plan for the Great Central Woodland is to try to enhance the Woodland as a wildlife habitat. Ian Dobson – parish wildlife warden – has given an update on one of the efforts being used to promote wildlife in the woods:-

“We installed some woodcrete* nest boxes over the Xmas period along one of the widened rides.”

*Woodcrete nest and bat boxes  are a mix of concrete and wood. This means the boxes last for years with less replacement expense (time and money). With more insulation than just wood, these boxes also provide better protection for the bats and birds from temperature extremes.

“The picture shows four bat boxes installed on one tree giving the hopeful occupants the favourable temperature they require for roosting or hibernation. The remaining bird boxes were placed within the plantation off the ride to give different species of birds – probably tits  – a secure roosting and nesting place.”

“The boxes need to be fairly robust to stop grey squirrels from enlarging the holes and eating the young birds! Great spotted woodpeckers will do this too. ”

“In this picture you can see squirrel damage on some wooden boxes..not 6 months old!”

We will post again if we succeed in encouraging any new species of wildlife over the coming months.

You can read more about nature in the woodland here.

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