Memorial Glade

As part of the Great Central Woodland, an area has been created to allow village residents to commemorate loved ones.

The Memorial Glade is situated beside the path from Station Road to the Co-op and while work is continuing to provide a fence and to lay a path around it, the Committee wanted to publicise the Glade and the way the Parish will manage it.

A memorial stone which will carry plaques dedicated to those remembered has already been installed. Some village residents have also sponsored memorial benches which will be put in place soon.

There are a number of pages dedicated to the Glade here on the Signpost. You can reach them via the menu bar at the top of the page, or via this link.

Applications to add a plaque, to scatter ashes or to install a bench should be made in writing to Kay Coles, 24 Castle Road, Woodford Halse, NN1 3RS.

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