True Grit

Northamptonshire County Council has sent us a list of roads that will be gritted by the Council’s lorries during this winter

(Please note: Parish Council does not control or influence this; we are only the  messengers.)

“Precautionary Gritting”

The following roads in the Parish which will be gritted when the temperature drops to 0.5C:-

Byfield Road to junction with Phipps Road

Phipps Road

Hinton Road

Farndon Road

Barnetts Hill

“Adverse Weather Gritting”

These roads which will be gritted in addition to the above when the temperature is expected to remain below zero for 48 hours, or if snow is confidently predicted:-

Remainder of Byfield Road

Scrivens Hill

School Street

Church Street

Station Road

Parsons Street

South Street

Eydon Road

Adams Road

Membris Way

Please drive to the road conditions whether or not gritting has been carried out.

(No, High Street is not on the list!  Yes, The Parish Council knows that the bottom of High Street is steep and is dangerous in icy conditions. Yes, The Parish Council knows the school is situated on High Street and children could be at risk.)

The following map may help. Red routes are precautionary, green routes are for adverse gritting. The complete county map can be downloaded as a PDF (you will need to zoom in to make sense of it) from here:- Northants Gritting Map.

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