More Woodland Work

In early November, Cummins provided another massive volunteer effort, helping in the planned programme of improvements in the woodland. Twenty nine volunteers from the company helped out with a number of tasks:

  • removing and chipping vegetation to improve the paths to provide better access. This will tread in with time but the addition of the wood chippings should make the paths less muddy in winter.
  • chipping some of the loose cuttings from the current round of felling to help improve insect habitats.
  • tidying up the area around the children’s story-telling circle and chipping the surface for improved accessibility.
  • clearing the area beside the Co-op to allow removal of plastic rubbish and barbed wire hidden by the undergrowth (eventually we hope to replant this area with shrubs)
  • first steps on clearing what we hope will eventually become a path close to the Byfield Road from the Cinder Track where it meets Byfield Road to Kitchen Lane. The plan is to provide an alternative route to school for parents along the Byfield Road and in Woodford Meadows, but future work will depend on the availability of resources and funding.

In addition to thanking Cummins for their efforts we would also like to thank Darren Bennetts and Tim of  Gulliver Tree Solutions who supervised the work and provided the chipper free-of-charge.

Cummins “Big Day” Team with the Chipper
Clearing Up Around the Children’s Story Circle
Chipped paths are part of work to make the Woodland accessible to all.
First steps in creating a new “walk to school” path parallel to the Byfield Road.

2 thoughts on “More Woodland Work

  1. Charles herald

    Unfortunately you only show a small part of the wood the rest is almost to difficult to walk the trip hazards are a real danger

    1. John Williams Post author

      Thanks, Charles. I’ll pass on your remarks to the Woodland Management Committee. The Committee it is limited in what it can do because of money. This is all part of ongoing management of the woodland. Unfortunately the Committee can only do the things it can get volunteer labour for. The aim is to keep much of the woodland in a natural state, but to make paths safe at least and improve the Woodland over time. Sadly it was left un-managed for almost 20 years which has left a lot to do.


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