Village News Page

Because of the number of posts going up on the Signpost it can be easy to miss something and we can only show as small number of news posts listed on the front page. The old “Village News” page showed all the posts but it was difficult to scroll through them to find what you wanted.

We have changed the Village News page so that now it just shows the date of posting and the title of the news item. There are fifty posts on a page, so you shouldn’t have to scroll so much to find what you want. Just click on the links and the news item is displayed. (We know this looks a bit crowded at the moment but we will try to make it easier to read)

The old “Village News ” page is still available too. You can find it here or you can find it from the menu under “Village News” as “Village News Details”.

If you have any comments on this change please let us know with an email: