Bins & Parking Please!

A note from the Parish Council…

Firstly, it’s bin day today but please can you remember to take your bin in tonight after it has been emptied. In some parts of the village, bins that are left out for longer than they need to be block pathways and force people to walk in the road.

Secondly, the parking behind the Library is only for users of the Library and the Dryden Hall and Farndon Room. Access is limited at the moment because of the skip being used for the church renovations taking up space in the car park and so it is more important than ever that only users of the halls park here.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Woodford cum Membris Parish Council

2 thoughts on “Bins & Parking Please!

  1. Charles herald

    I quite agree perhaps the the members of the parish council should have a. Stroll around the village to see for themselves what the problem are

  2. Mrs Brenchley

    So it sounds that you don’t want bins left out to block paths so people have to walk on the road but it’s ok down Nelson avenue for cars to park on the paths and people have to walk on the road


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