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Press Release : November 2017

The Medical Centre has issued a press release on it’s recent announcements.

They have also sent a letter to affected local parish councils asking them to support the planning application. A copy of that letter is available here.

The press release is published below…


Byfield Medical Practice has made a Planning Application to Daventry District Council, to build a much-needed new Medical Centre in Byfield. The Application is also for up to 90 new dwellings on the proposed 10.5 acre site, adjacent to the existing out-of-date Medical centre.

The Byfield Surgery, as it was known when constructed 36 years ago, served some 4500 patients. Now, the Medical Practice has approaching 9000 patients drawn from some 41 villages and hamlets over 150 square miles across Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire.

The Medical Centre is the largest employer in Byfield, but the facilities are inadequate due to lack of space. The proposed new Medical Centre would be able to offer further employment, and provide patients both existing and new, up-to-date medical facilities.

The new housing is a vital element to the scheme, as the landowner will be gifting the land required for the Medical Centre, and contributing to a large part of the cost of construction.

No funds for the new Medical centre will be forthcoming from NHS or public funds. The NHS policy is to create “Super Practices” in towns and cities, rather than in rural areas.

Tracey Rymer, Practice Manager comments: “Our Doctors have decided that we will now have to apply to close our lists to new patients, as we are beyond saturation point. Moreover, due to cramped working conditions, we are unlikely to be able to recruit suitable new staff”

Doctor Adam Bone, Senior Partner added: “General Practice is going through a tough time at the moment and in order to survive we need to offer the best environment to both patients and the staff we hope to bring to work in Byfield; this means a new state-of-the-art medical centre that allows a full range of medical and allied professions to work together under one roof. As for myself I have spent the last four years trying to get this project together so that when I leave Byfield Medical Centre it is in the best possible state to keep looking after its growing patient list. If this does not come off I fear that staff will drift away to villages and towns with better working conditions and the service that is generally applauded locally will disappear for ever.”

Dr. Bone has been with the practice for 20 years, and his retirement comes as a surprise and disappointment to his patients.

John Grindlay, Chairman of the Patient Participation Group, says “Adam Bone, supported by his colleagues, has built up an excellent Practice. The last Care Quality Commission Report in March 2016 rated the Practice as “Good”. It seems that Adam’s departure has been precipitated by the reluctance of a minority of Byfield parishioners and Parish Councillors to support this scheme. Let us hope that Byfield Parish Council puts every effort into making sure this development proceeds as soon as possible, so we have a Medical Centre for at least a further 36 years.”

10 thoughts on “Byfield Medical Centre Update

  1. Jilly Bean

    I am a new patient and have attended the centre just a few times. It didn’t seem that busy, but people were having to stand in line in a small area for quite a long time, with only one person on reception. Is the problem actually space, or lack of staff, or inperfect organisation. ? If it is staff, then how will more staff be paid for in a larger building.? I felt the reception desk was far too high, especially for anyone in a wheelchair. Generally, the reception area needs updating and i dont see why it would be that expensive. Surely the doctors could club together for this.? I would happily decorate for them. ! Obviously the waiting list is not good, generally around 2 weeks.? I’m assuming because practice not big enough for more doctors to offer more appointments.? But more doctors mean more staff needed. Back to lack of money to pay for them.!
    I think 50 years from now, we will be self diagnosing and self treating.! It’s already coming down to that with people dangerously googling their symptoms and getting drugs off the Internet because they can’t an appointment quickly enough.!
    Blag over.

    1. johnwillimas Post author

      Thanks for your comment, Jilly. I have passed this on to the Patient Participation Group who will make sure someone from the Medical Centre sees this.
      John Williams
      Signpost Editor

  2. Charles herald

    If these people on the parish council don’t want to work for the common good they should consider their position

  3. Ruth Grimmett

    Be supportive. ‘Us’ as patients of Byfield Medical Centre will gain by the proposed new up-to-date facilities.
    The Parish Councillors and parishioners and families must surely realise the new facilities will be especially of benefit should the Horton not be able to offer what it presently does.
    If it’s the increased housing that bothers them, don’t worry-it will happen anyway, housing is needed.

  4. Linda Hoy

    A medical centre is of utmost importance especially with an ever growing community. We can’t live in the past, we have to move with the times. If Byfield don’t want it. Then maybe it could come to Woodford, after all there are more people here. I cannot see what possible objections can be raised to see Dr Bone and his colleagues plans thwarted. All villages need to grow, or they die….we moved from one!!!

  5. Robert Adams

    I think the parish council are living in the last century. They should be working for the people of the parish and not be on there for other reasons. This is a vital part of the district and needs to be bought up to a modern standard for the 21st century.


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