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Highways Update from Pat Knight.

Here’s an update after last night’s Parish Council Meeting from Pat Knight, the village highways warden…

“Firstly I apologise for the length of the message, please take the time to read it. Secondly DO NOT SHOOT THE MESSENGER!! I am the link between the parish and the county and can only put your complaints forward. I have no power over budgets and cannot determine what the county council (who are responible for road maintenance) do or do not do. I can only keep on at them until some resolution is forthcoming, or not in some cases.

“The new zebra crossing is staying where it is, the planning consent was granted for the location and cannot be changed. As a personal view it seems odd the developer can ignore some of the planning consent details yet comply with others !! That is my personal opinion. However it will need extra work as a safety audit would not pass it as fit for purpose due to lighting and positioning of the beacons.

“The developers will be resurfacing the Byfield Road from the junction with Phipps Road to the junction with Gorse Road from 13th March and it will take 8 weeks. I have today informed the county highways about the cross country at the school on 15th March and about the extra traffic coming into the village, and they are contacting the developers to postpone the start date for the work for a few days. We will see.

“Re the safer route to school, the county looked at extending the footpath from Grants Hill Way to the industrial estate but have rejected the option as the bank would need to be re graded and there may be high voltage cables underground which would need moving. The expense could not be met. They asked the developer to contribute but they declined.!!.

“I have attempted to get a site meeting with the safer route to school officer to discuss options but despite three e mails he has failed to respond. I have today made my feelings known to the county in no uncertain terms about the lack of response and I expect a reply very soon. There are options and as soon as I know anything I will keep you informed. I am sorry I cannot be more positive but that is the situation. I will continue to badger and pressure the higher powers on your behalf. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

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  1. Why do we need a zebra crossing at this location I wAlk twice a day any have never seen anybody crossing at this point is this a case of your getting instead of what we need what about better street lighting or is that to expensive too

    • johnwillimas says:

      My understanding is that it is to make it safer for kids going to school from the new houses. It was a requirment for the developer to provide this as part of the planning conditions for the development by Daventry District Council because of the numbers of people that will eventually be living there when all the development is completed. There’s a campaign by Northants Councty Council called Safer Routes to School ( that this relates to and I know that Parish Council have been concerned about issues like lack of a continuous pavement on Byfield Road so kids having to cross Byfield Road several times if heading to school via Kitchen Lane and so on.

      I’ll also forward this to Pat Knight, the Parish Highways Warden, to see if he has anything to add….

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