Plan Consultation

The current round of public consultation (so-called “Regulation 14 Consultation”) on the Woodford cum Membris Neighbourhood Plan has now closed. The Plan Steering Group would like to thank all those that have submitted comments, suggestions and support. We have received almost 50 separate submissions.

What happens next?

The input received as a result of this round of consulation will be reviewed by the Steering Group. Each suggestion is reviewed in the light of what can be done within current legislation affecting neighbourhood plans and will be used to create a new version of the Plan.

After this, the revised Plan will be submitted to Daventry District Council who will consult for a further six weeks. Then the plan and any remaining objections will be subject to examination by an independent expert, jointly appointed by the Parish Council and Daventry District.

If the examiner decides that the Plan can be approved, it will be put to a local referendum. The referendum will give all eligible voters in the parish the opportunity to vote and decide if the Plan should, in future, be used to help determine planning applications.

The final decision, therefore, rests with the people of Woodford cum Membris. A straight forward majority of those voting in the referendum will decide.

Thank you for your involvement so far.

The Steering Group will keep you up to date with progress on the next steps along the way.

Robert Snedker

Chairman, Woodford cum Membris Neighbouthood Development Plan Steering Group.

You can still read the current version of the plan here…. opens in a new windowWoodford Cum Membris Neighbourhood Plan




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