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Here’s an update on the Neighbourhood Plan from Bob Snedker…

planningWe now have a timetable for the consultation that will take place on the Woodford Halse Neighbourhood Plan.

The start of the formal 6 week consultation on the plan will be on Monday 3rd October 20116. Consultation responses must be received by 14th November 2016.

After that, and further discussions with Daventry District Council there will be a final version of the Plan which will be the subject of a local referendum.

Copies of the plan and forms to be used for responses will be posted here on the Village Signpost shortly. They will be also be available in printed form the Library, Village Meats, the Chemist, Footwise Podiatry, Post Office and Co-op and there will be large type notices placed on all of the village notice boards saying where the plan can be seen. We want to encourage as much feedback as possible, so you will be able to respond to the plan on-line, by email or by post.

The plan, when agreed by the community and approved by Daventry District, will help manage future planning applications. It will also help the village to receive extra funding from developers for local projects that support the plan.

Bob Snedker, Chair, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Find more details on the Neighbourhood Plan here.

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