WOW is appealing….

In last month’s WOW, Gary Denbigh was keen to find help with the production and / or distribution of the WOW.

kitchener_edited-1So far folk have come forward to help with deliveries (more are needed, though – please help if you can) and with the quarterly invoicing.  Many thanks!

We do need more though…….

Even more important is that we need an someone to help put together articles for the WOW .

It only needs a couple of hours a month from someone local, with their finger on the pulse of village activities, interested in village life in all its varieties and able to chase, cajole or generate a couple of small three-paragraph WOW items per month.

You’ll need an e-mail address and to be able to produce typed text somehow, but nothing too difficult.

If you think you can help, please contact Gary Denbigh by phoning 264002.




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