Worried About Flooding?

The Parish Council has been successful in getting the Northamptonshire County Council (NCC), Flood and Water Management Team to look at Woodford’s flooding problems.

NCC has a small amount of funding to undertake a more detailed assessment of the flood risk and drainage issues at Woodford Halse.

This funding will be used to undertake on-the-ground surveys, technical assessment and an analysis of the costs and benefits of any proposed solutions identified to reducing flood risk. It must be noted that at this stage this is just a study and no money has been secured yet for any works on the ground to take place. However, following this investigation NCC will have a much clearer understanding of the types of solutions and associated costs. This will then enable them to determine the likelihood of securing external funding to take a project forward.

To ensure that the community is fully involved, and that local views and local knowledge are taken into consideration, the NCC team will be visiting with a Community Outreach Vehicle for a drop-in session:

7:15pm to 8:30pm on Tuesday 7th June 2016

The Community Outreach Vehicle will be parked at the green near the bus stop on Station Road, adjacent to Quinton Lane, NN11 3RD

community outreachLetters have been sent in the post on 16th May, contacting those within the community who are either: reported to have been affected by previous flood incidents; own property which may be at risk of flooding; or own land which may be affected by the project.

If any members of the community are unable to attend the event then they may contact the Flood and Water Management Team on the details below.

Ruth Burnham, Senior Flood and Water Officer
Flood and Water Management Team

Northamptonshire County Council
County Hall room 271, Guildhall Road, Northampton NN1 1DN
Phone: 01604 366014
Email: floodandwater@northamptonshire.gov.uk
Web: www.floodtoolkit.com

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