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A request from our PCSO Carl Barton…..

“Over the past few months , we have seen the whole top area of the playing fields being used by locals on motorised vehicles, quad bikes and go-cart types etc.

“They are damaging the field, especially areas that are used by the Cricket and Football club.

“It has been reported to me, the offenders turn up in their vehicles and around ten people from young children to adults, use the fields in this way.

“It has also been reported this usually happens during the winter months on a Sunday between 10.30am and 1.30pm. With summer fast approaching, this behaviour may continue.

“This is unacceptable and is classed as criminal damage.

“Can I ask if anyone sees this activity on the playing fields, to contact me as a matter of urgency. Your call will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Kind regards”


6 thoughts on “SARA Field & Motorsport

  1. Carl

    There are lots of people who have quads and mini bike etc me included. Be interested to know if we can use the track at the back end of the fields, like sure if all are sensible there should be no problem?

  2. Gemma

    What a joke we take our kids up ther who are between 2-7 to ride ther quad bike /motor bikes/go carts we do not cause any harm or hassle to anyone we have had permission off andy to do so we dont go on the pitch seems kids cant win these days jus sad people moaning again

  3. ian

    what a load of blllox we do not go on the cricket pitch we have permission 2 b up there so wind ur neck in there kids for god sake….. sum ppl jus havnt got a clue n think its all bad i may also add that i will continue 2 take my kids up there 2 play on the bikes infact im going up there now ta very muchly…

    1. johnwillimas Post author

      I’m sure its not a problem where permission has been given. I’m checking with Carl exactly where he is worried about…

  4. Casey Waldock

    I thought there was a track at the back of the fields especially for quad bikes. Is using this not allowed.


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