More Byfield Road Closures

As part of the new development that is under construction on Byfield Road in Woodford Halse Taylor Wimpey are installing a major new drainage system and undertaking road improvement works. 

MV Kelly, on behalf of Taylor Wimpey, have requested a road closure to facilitate the works safely which will require the road to be closed during the works in sections for up to five months. 

Representatives of Northamptonshire Highways have held site meetings with MV Kelly and Taylor Wimpey to ensure that the works will be completed with the least disruption to the residents.  It is expected that the works will commence on the 1st March 2016 …….

opens in a new windowThis map shows the stretch of road that will be affected by closures (in red) and the proposed diversion (in blue).

opens in a new windowttr0542Details of the dates of closure are not yet available but will be available here and at opens in a new

4 thoughts on “More Byfield Road Closures

  1. John Dunstan

    As I suspected, the ensuing chaos continues through Membris Way, The signage at the bottom of Dolls Hill in Byfield doesn’t give drivers early enough notice about the diversion directions, trucks coming down from Daventry turn left before being able to read anything.

    40ton artics, & coaches continue to drive to the bottom of Membris Way, then either reverse 100 metres back, and go off down Ash Way or worse, turn right down to the bottom of Sycamore Avenue where there is even more difficulty for the drivers

    A simple solution would be some “village this way signs” at junction with Ash Way ?

    I have contacted NCC but no response yet,

  2. John D

    Diversion via back roads to Byfield, I doubt it, more likely chaos through Ash Way & Membris Way ! And for 3 months too.


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