Road Closure Update

More information from Parish Councillor Pat Knight, as of Friday 15/01/2016, reagrding the road closure January 18th to 20th…..

“I have just clarified the position with NCC and Stagecoach. The road closure will be operational between 0900 and 1530 on the three days. The Byfield Road will be closed from The Lodge as you come into the village from Byfield to Phipps Road.

“The Stagecoach bus will miss out the stops on the Byfield Road i.e Membris Way stop and The Fire Station. The buses will enter the village on the Farndon Road from Byfield to The Green by The Club. They will then go along Phipps Road to the Byfield Road, turn right to Scrivens Hill. Turn right into Scrivens Hill, along Station Road back to The Club. Left at The Club onto Hinton Road then left on The Farndon Road and out of the village, under the railway bridge and right on the back road to Byfield where they will then go right towards Daventry on the A361 through Charwelton or left on the A361 to Banbury. They will NOT be using the Preston Capes Road to Charwelton.

“The diversion route for vehicles to leave the village will be Preston Capes Road to the water tower then to Charwelton or Farndon Road if going towards Banbury.

“This information is accurate as of this time and replaces any previous information. The contacts at NCC are David Coleman, 01604 883400, and Carol the Ops Manager at Stagecoach Banbury. Hopefully this helps. Have a good weekend.”

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