Speed Watch


Our PCSO, Carl Barton, is trying to get a Community Speed Watch scheme launched in Woodford Halse.

Motorist who speed through residentialP1010807_edited-1 neighbourhoods are often unaware of the impact drivers exceeding the speed limit are often local to the village or surrounding area.

Community Speed Watch is a partnership initiative, using the combined efforts of local residents, parish councils, Northamptonshire Casualty Reduction Partnership and Northamptonshire ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England). By working together, Community Speed Watch enables local people to become actively involved in helping to slow down traffic in 30mph zones within their community.

In order to start Community Speed Watch, Woodford Halse needs 20% of the electoral population or 500 people, whichever is the smallest number, need to sign up in support of the project to go ahead.215828439

A minimum of 10 volunteers willing to be trained to monitor traffic in the village need to be identified, with one person nominated as the co-ordinator.

Pat Knight from the Parish Council is the co-ordinator for the village and we have already taken over 100 signatures.

On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December, Carl will be outside the Co-op in Woodford Haslse between the hours of 11am and 1pm both days to raise the remaining signatures needed to introduce Community Speed Watch to the village.

Carl hopes to see you this weekend with your support.


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