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Combating Fraud

Can I remind you that no bank, building society or police officer will ever ask for your pin number over the phone. Only criminals do this.

Unfortunately scams of this kind continue to rob people. Just hang up! Don’t immediately try to ring your bank on the same phone because the fraudsters keep your line open and you will be speaking to them – but they will pretend they are your bank staff.

Can you report people standing in the road and flagging down passing motorist. The person may ask for money for fuel, sometimes offering their jewellery as a deposit, or they might ask for a lift to the petrol station. Note their vehicle and personal details and ring 101 straight away.

Emergency (crime in progress):999

Any other contact with Northamptonshire police 101

Crime stoppers (remain anonymous): 0800 555 111

Cold Callers Doorstep Action Network

(DAN): 0345 23 07 702

Environmental Warden re fly tipping & dog fouling etc

07917 271157



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