Every Flower Counts

Volunteer’s Needed To Stock Take UK’s Wild Flowers.

The new National Plant Monitoring Scheme (NPMS), aims to help scientists to take an annual stock take of the UK’s wild plants and their habitats.

This needs the public’s help.

NPMS_Logo_Positive_RGB_400pxWideThe National Plant Monitoring Scheme is looking for volunteers to carry out surveys of wildflowers and their habitats for evidence of which widespread plants are increasing or declining. 2000 volunteers are needed to take part in the NPMS, playing a vital role in gathering information. Together, the volunteers will monitor wild plants in 28 important habitats, ranging from hedgerows and meadows to salt marsh and scree slopes.

Plants are nature’s building blocks and this new monitoring scheme will sit alongside existing schemes for the UK’s birds and butterflies to help us all to understand more about how the countryside is changing.

To find out more you can read this introduction- opens in a new windowNMRS Flyer – and to learn how to volunteer, visit the opens in a new windowNMRS How To Get Involved page.


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