Free Booze

Sorry, that should be free from booze: Join Dry January

Have you ever wondered if you can stay off booze for a month?

dryWith the Christmas excess gone come 1st January,  and the feeling of needing to lose a few pounds, save some money and make some lifestyle changes at the front of your mind, it’s the perfect opportunity to sign up to Dry January, quit the drink and make a healthy start to the New Year.

What is Dry January ?

The aim: to start a new conversation about alcohol
Your challenge: to go booze free for 31 days
Your chance: to lose weight, feel better, save money and make a difference

Why go dry?

By signing up to the challenge and going dry for 31 days, you’ll gain in so many ways:

  • You’re likely to lose a few pounds
  • You’ll save a few ££ so you can treat yourself to something nice
  • No more hanging – those weekends and hangover free mornings will be yours to enjoy again
  • Your skin will start to glow

How do I sign up?

If you’d like to prove to yourself that you can say no to a drink or two, that you can still have a great evening out without having to have alcohol, then join the thousands of other people across the UK who have already signed up to the Dry January challenge.

It’s easy to sign up, simply visit the Dry January website at opens in a new and complete the short online form.

You can keep up to date with how others are getting on and tweet your progress @dryjanuary by using #DryJanuary2015.

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