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Parish Council Give Go-Ahead for Local Consultation.

Pat Knight has provided the following update after this week’s Council meeting….

215828439“The Parish Council has agreed to take part in the Community Speed Watch Campaign and I as one of its members, have agreed to be the co-ordinator. This will be the second attempt to launch the scheme in Woodford Halse. The first failed due to a lack of support and interest from residents –  the scheme can only succeed if residents sign up to agree for Woodford Halse to be included, and then for volunteers to come forward and actually monitor the speed of vehicles.

“The initial stage is that a percentage of residents have to support the scheme. To this end I will be calling at homes in the village asking for signatures. You are not signing up to be involved in the scheme, merely showing your support for the scheme. If there is not enough support then the campaign cannot go forward.

“Many of our neighbouring communities are all already actively involved in the campaign. It’s our Parish and you and your families have the right to safely use the roads and footpaths. This is an opportunity to try to make them safer. Many people complain about anti-social driving and speeding vehicles in the village. This is our opportunity to do something about it. Please don’t waste your chance.”

Pat Knight


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