Neighbourhood Plan News Sept 2014

Second Meeting of The Planning Group

On August 28th the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee had their second meeting and discussed a draft Terms of Reference for the Committee and agreed on the next steps in the process.

Heather Thomas has agreed to look after any events needed to create or promote the plan and Ian Reed Jones will be treasurer for the committee. Gary Denby will be bringing together and analysing the information in the existing Parish Plan and Housing Needs Survey.

Government funding for the process will only become available from March next year, although other sources are available so the Committee’s activities will have to take place in the light of this.

The Committee’s ambition is to find out how residents want the village to develop over the next 10, 20 or 30 opens in a new windowEnglish: Woodford Halse Social Club. At the ju...years.

Most important, the Committee agreed the draft of the first questionnaire looking for village feedback. We have already posted it here and created an on-line survey to get your views.