Neighbourhood Plan – First meetings

First Meetings – Next Steps.

The Neighborhood Plan group, brought together by Parish Councillor Robert Snedker, has now started work and had its first meeting on August 6th.

As part of the meeting Tom James, planning policy officer for Daventry District Council, provided an introduction to neighbourhood plans, what they can and cannot do and how they are created. He also answered questions from the group, showed some of the tools that can be used to build a plan and identified how the village can get funding for any expenses needed to create the plan.

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One of the big benefits in having a neighbourhood plan is that any developments that do get approved will have to pay a levy to the local community of 25% of the value of the development – without it the figure is only 15%. So, there is a value to Woodford Halse in addition to the protection that a plan would help give us against unwanted developments.

As a first step the Neighbourhood Plan group is making a submission to DDC to have the plan area (the limits defined by the parish boundary) approved but as things go forward input from and the approval of the whole village will be vital. Another meeting is due to take place before the end of August.

We will be creating a special area here on the Signpost with all you need to know about the neighbourhood plan, so watch out for more news here soon.