Road Closure: 26-29/08

Station Road & Hinton Road  Closure (Updated)

Roadworks will close the stretch between Hinton Road and Station Road around the area of the bridge over the Cherwell during the day between 26th and 29th August.

Untitled-2According to road signs the road will be closed between 08:00 and 16:00 (or possibly 09:15 and 15:30 – information differs) each day but the opens in a new  web site doesn’t have this detail. We’ll update this post if more details become available.

Diversion will be via Phipps Road, Byfield Road & Scrivens Hill. Bus route 200 will also be affected. The following information has been received from Stagecoach:-

The bus service will operate normally when the road is NOT closed. The road will be CLOSED between 09:00am and 3:30pm. Outside these hours the route will be: Byfield Road right into Membris right into Ash Way then onto Phipps Road, left onto Byfield Road and back out the village.

Scrivens Hill and Kings Corner bus stops will be missed out during the closure times.

For the stop opposite the fire station passengers should cross to the stop on the other side of the road and the bus will collect and drop there.

Please note all the changes are effective only between the road closure times. Outside these times the service will operate normally.

This map shows the details. (Closure in red, diversion in dark blue)