Neighbourhood Plan News June 2013

Planning & Our Neighbourhood

Back in April we posted opens in a new windownews of the start of work on our Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to:

  • Make a neighbourhood plan
  • Make a neighbourhood order
  • Make a community right to build

opens in a new windowEnglish: Woodford Halse Social Club. At the ju...A plan sets up general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood covering things like where new homes, offices and business premises should be built and what they look like and protecting open ground.

Action So Far:

The regulations covering the start of a Neighbourhood Plan state that it is necessary to apply for an Area Designation by sending a letter of application. This letter and a plan of the area, (i.e the parish boundary) has to be sent to the DDC. There is then a 6 week consultation period after which the process can commence. The letter and plan have been sent and the 6 week period started on Monday 9th June.

In the meantime Bob Snedker, who is leading this project, is making enquiries regarding the funding of the exercise and will be calling a meeting of all of those people who have been generous enough to offer their assistance.

What Next?

We are only looking for 2/3 more people to form a steering group under the
umbrella of the Parish Council to develop a neighbourhood plan for Woodford
Halse. We already have the existing Parish Plan to build on but this project could
take 2 years, so it needs people with time and commitment to the village to
shape the village for the years ahead.

Is this you?

If you would like to be involved, please send your name and details to Bob Snedker by email to or telephone 01327 262664.

(Note: email address above corrected, 19/09/2014)