Help Build Our Community

Parish Councillors Needed : Be One Of The Five

The parish council is looking to fill 5 vacancies starting with the 9th September meeting. memorial_centre

Key activities of the Council are:

  • Responsible for budgeted expenditure £120k
  • Running & renovating three halls
  • Grass & grounds maintenance
  • Street lighting
  • WoW & Website publishing
  • Giving local perspectives on planning issues large and small

You need to have been a resident of the parish for 12 months. If you have the relevant skills and expertise,vision & energy, and can give some time over a couple of years to the community, your contribution will be welcomed.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a long time local or a relative newcomer or whether or not you see your long term future in Woodford, all local residents are welcome to be part of building our community through the work of the Council.

Interested persons to contact Gary Smith, the Parish Clerk, by email at