Great Central Railway Campaign

27th July Meeting To Explore The Possibilities

Steve Ponting runs a Facebook group with 350 members and growing. Their object is to try to get sections of the Great Central Railway reopened with three aims:-

(1) for running Heritage Steam Trains,

(2) for running Freight Services and

(3) for running local passenger services in the area.


Photo: Steve Ponting

The group isn’t anything to do with a pro or anti HS2 group and want no part in either but they will be holding a meeting shortly in Woodford Halse Social Club on  to see what support either the community or local businesses would think at such an idea and to set up a committee with a view to future planning . The group feels that the project could bring jobs and investment to the area with visitors and tourism. They are emailing all the councillors and MP’s etc to gain their input and have asked the Parish Council for their views on this subject and input either for or against such a project.

The meeting is in Woodford Halse Social Club on 27th July 2014 at 2pm.

You can join their Facebook group and follow the project here:-