Phone Scam Update

Keep Safe – Be Aware!

Back in January we published an opens in a new windowalert from Northants police about a phone scam that attempts to get people to reveal their bank security details.

We have received another warning from Daventry Community Safety Partnership.

scamOver the last few weeks there have been a number of incidents where elderly people have been tricked by con artists into giving away their bank details, in one case the victim handed over £3,000.

Please bring this to the attention of anyone you know that may not see the warning here. Here is a poster that you can pass on.

In a number of instances offenders telephone victims and claimed to be police officers investigating fraud. They ask for the victims’ card and bank details so they can check with the bank. They tell the victim they will send a courier to pick up their bank card and any cash they may have recently withdrawn, in case it is counterfeit. Further ploys include persuading the victim to make an online cash transfer.

Under no circumstances should bank details be given out to persons over the phone, no matter who they claim to be – the police or bank would never ask for your PIN or bank card.

In some cases the con men told the victim to hang up and call them back, so they can be reassured they are genuine. This is part of the con. The offender will keep the phone line open at their end so when the victim makes the phone call, they go straight back through to them. The advice is, if someone starts asking for your card or bank details hang up and call 101 to report it. If you are worried about any calls you have received or concerned that you bank account has been accessed, visit the bank to check your account.