Phone Scam Alert

Northants Police issue phone scam warning


Police are issuing crime prevention advice following 12 reports of a phone scam which took place in the county on Sunday 5 January between 1pm and 7pm.

The scam involves a caller attempting to encourage people to part with bank details, including pin numbers. Police are urging people not to part with this information.

During the scam the offender calls the resident, purporting to be a police officer investigating a fraud on their bank account, a fraud investigator from a bank or other bank official. They then ask for account information, including their card numbers, security number and pin number.

If the resident becomes suspicious, the offender suggests that they call 999 or 101 and ask for confirmation that the person is a police officer.

The victim then calls police, but doesn’t realise that the offender has not hung up so goes straight through to them again. In some cases another offender comes on the line and pretends to be working in the police control room and states that they can verify the officer’s details.

The caller is then transferred back through to the first offender who obtains all their details.

In some cases the criminals have sent couriers immediately to the victim’s property to pick up their cards which are then used fraudulently.

In two other incidents the suspect caller, again pretending to be a police officer, stated that they had the victim’s two grandchildren in custody who had been caught using the caller’s credit or bank card.

The offenders are deliberately targeting older victims.

For non urgent incidents please report to Action Fraud, the central reporting and recording system for fraud, on 0300 123 2040 or online at:

This alert comes from Northamptonshire Community Connect.