Flood Report Published

Investigation Highlights Need For Better Co-operation

Following the floods that occurred in Woodford Halse on 21st November 2012 a report was commissioned by Northamptonshire County Council under its duties as the Lead Local Flood Authority.

The completed Flood Investigation Report has been now published on the County Council’s Flood and Water Management web pages at: Northants Flood Investigations with the specific report available here.

Section 4.6 of the report provides guidelines for “riparian landowners” (those owning properties alongside a watercourse) which will be helpful to those with properties beside the River Cherwell or one of the streams that feed into it.  Section 4.7 provides guidance for other residents, including the following which, if your property is at risk of flooding, you may find helpful:-

For its part, in response, the Parish Council arranged for the Hinton Road and Upton Close culverts to be monitored & cleared of debris. They also arranged clearing the stream & banks of debris & vegetation from the Hinton Road culvert to Larch Close.