Where were you in ’86?

Woodford’s Digital Domesday

As part of looking around the web for interesting things to do with Woodford, I came across the BBC’s Digital Domesday entry for Woodford Halse.

Domesday systemDo you remember this project to document every area of the UK on “laser disks”? If you were involved in contributing to the Woodford entry, maybe you never got to see what you provided (the computers and disk players were too expensive for many schools).

Well, about two years ago it was available on-line on the BBC’s web site.  The opens in a new windowWoodford entry can be accessed here. I’ve also added a link from the Woodford opens in a new windowhistory time-line page. If you don’t remember the Domesday project here’s a nostalgic look back to the “Tomorrow’s World”  programme that featured the project in November 1986: opens in a new windowHoward Stapleford & Maggie Philbin explain Domesday.