Crime & Policing Update

Latest News from Northamptonshire Police

policeLynne Rosher C0997 (Police, Corporate Communications, Northamptonshire) has sent us this latest update for Woodford ward which includes Cannons Ashby, Preston Capes and Woodford Halse.

New Incidents

Since the last update the following new incidents of note have been reported:

  • An attempt was made to break into a school in Woodford ward overnight on Sunday 28 July.

Other News from Around Northamptonshire

With the hot weather set to return police are reminding people to make sure they take as many precautions as possible to deter burglars. Read more

Police are reminding people to lock up their cars and close windows following a spate of thefts during the warm weather. Every day last week at least one person in the county fell victim to opportunist thieves after leaving their car unlocked or the windows open. Read more

Trading Standards

The latest report from Northamptonshire Trading Standards has details of recent product recalls, coming changes to MOT’s, and advice on unsafe furniture, extended warranties and doorstep crime is available here: Trading_Standards_Newsletter_Issue_#6

Released on behalf of City of London Police

In October, millions of Muslims will celebrate Hajj, with thousands of UK citizens planning to make the once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca.

The event, which is the world’s biggest annual gathering, begins on 13 October, but many will already be planning and booking their own trips. Unfortunately, there will also be fraudsters looking to take advantage of Hajj and exploit its unique attractions. Last year there were 44 reports of Hajj fraud made to police, but the true scale of this criminality is thought to be much greater. Read more