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What’s Happening Regarding Northamptonshire Broadband?

Thanks to everyone that contributed to the Village Broad Band Survey (We were in the “Top 10” of parishes responding).

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Northamptonshire County Council have now published their intended strategy for Next Generation Access (“NGA”) broadband across the county based on an investment strategy in partnership with BT that will deliver,  subject to funding fibre-optic cable based broadband speeds to all Northamptonshire homes and businesses by 2017.

What will this mean?  Eventually, assuming the project succeeds, we should all be able to get access to broadband speeds of up to 30M bps, giving better service for movies and TV on-demand, better facilities for businesses and home working and the like. Currently properties around the village get between 0.5M and 3.0M bps.

When will we see any changes? It’s not easy to say at the present stage of the project. Woodford Halse cum Membris is definitely in the “intervention area” covered by the plan (other places are already expected to receive superfast broadband without the Council’s involvement). The plan suggests that people with less than 2M bps will have access to at least that level by 2015 and that the remainder of properties in Northamptonshire will be able to receive at least 30M bps by 2017. The Northamptonshire Broadband Project map is not an exact guide but it looks from this that Woodford Halse and West Farndon would be in the 2015 – 2017 time frame.

What does “subject to funding” mean? The first phase or work to deliver superfast broadband to 90% of Northamptonshire premises by 2015 (does not include us) is covered by existing funding arrangements of £4.08M from Broadband UK and an equal amount from the County Council. BT is contributing £8M to the project over 9 years. The rest is expected to be raised from a range of sources and will be the subject of a prospectus to be issued in Autumn 2013

How can I find out more? We will try to keep you up to date with news here as we see it but you can get the latest copy of the project newsletter here and you can also follow the project forum at The strategy document detailing the plans for the project can be found here: Northamptonshire Next-Generation Strategy.pdf