County Council : Vote May 2nd

Thursday 2nd May 2013 has been announced as the date where people all over the county box_with_Xwill get a chance to vote for the county councillor they want to represent their local community, and shape the future of the county over the next four years.

Make sure you vote & if you want to encourage others to do so, why not display one of these posters.

There are 57 seats available at the Northamptonshire County Council election, and on voting day hundreds of polling stations will open in which people can register their votes.

The election count will be held in one venue – Kettering Conference Centre. This is a more efficient way of collating the results and a chance to immediately bring together newly elected councillors.

Northamptonshire County Council chief executive and returning officer Paul Blantern said: “It’s very important that people use their right to vote: The county council is responsible for a large part of the services which affect the everyday lives of people in the county.

These include looking after the roads and pavements; schools, libraries and country parks; providing services for older people and children; running the fire service and trading standards and much, much more.

We all have opinions on how these vital services are run and we all have a vote, so we would urge everyone to use their vote on May 2.”

The election is being held on Thursday, May 2 and the counting of the ballot papers and the announcement of results will take place the following day.  All the results will be posted on the county council’s website as soon as they’re declared – just go to opens in a new to see who has won in your area, and what that means for the county council over the next four years.

IMPORTANT: Please see this notice about polling stations.

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