Fed up with slow broadband?

We have a working party for the village and we need your help. We are exploring two routes:

1. Superfast Northampton – a Government run scheme looking for bids from villages to have better broad band access.

2 Community WiFi – commercial companies could offer wifi coverage for the village and these carry a regular subscription cost so we need to identify both businesses and individual needs.

Central Government has declared it wants Britain to have super fast broadband brought to 90% of consumers by the end of 2015. Northampton County Council has asked Parish Councils to identify the requirements in their local areas.

curseWoodford Parish currently has broadband service at the bottom end of that which can currently be described as broadband, at less than 2Mbs.

Rate your Broadband at www.speedtest.net

Rate your Broadband at www.speedtest.net

The  Parish Council wants to know if you and/or your business would benefit from a faster broadband connection, so that they can lobby for funding to improve the infrastructure.

In particular they need to know if your business activities would be enhanced by a faster service, or if a faster connection would enable you to work from home more frequently reducing the need to commute.

Please fill in a short questionnaire on NCC Parish Broadband Survey (please make sure on Question 2 you put “Woodford Halse”) or http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CN2C7WJ so that we can lobby effectively for an improved service.

Please complete by 25th March so that we can advise you of our progress in April’s WOW.

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