Planning & The Parish Council

Planning and local development is something that affects us all and the Woodford cum Membris Parish Council has a part to play in local planning matters.

planningAs part of the planning system, your Parish Council can comment on all planning applications within the Parish. When the Council comments on planning applications can always be found in Council Meeting Minutes.

These pages should help you with local planning issues….

Who Approves Local Planning Applications?

What Does The Parish Council Do On Planning?

How Can I Find Out About Local Planning Applications?

How Can I Comment On Or Object To A Planning Application?

Do I Need Planning Permission For A Development?

Neighbourhood Development Plans

The Parish Council can use new neighbourhood planning powers to establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in our parish. These are described legally as ‘neighbourhood development plans.’ Woodford is creating such a plan, see here: Neighbourhood Plan.

Communities can use neighbourhood planning to permit the development they want to see – in full or in outline – without the need for planning applications. These are called ‘neighbourhood development orders.’

The neighbourhood development plan will sit within the context of the Daventry strategic development plan but can make an important contribution to helping communities make sure that developments are relevant to their needs.

The Neighbourhood Development Plans will take effect after majority support in a referendum of the neighbourhood.

Proposed neighbourhood development plans or orders need to gain the approval of a majority of voters of the neighbourhood to come into force. If proposals pass the referendum, the local planning authority is under a legal duty to bring them into force.