Council Members

Your parish councillors are:

Kay Coles
(Castle Road)
Chair of the Council
Phone: 438236
Paul Blackwell (Cobley Close) Vice-Chair of the Council
Howard Burdett (Cobley Close)
Jean Curd         (Eydon Road)
Phone: 07471 204683
Patricia Darby
Gary Denby
(Lime Ave, Eydon)
Phone: 264002
Peter Deverill    (Bromley Farm Court)
 Phone: 263537   
Patrick Knight
(Scrivens Hill)
Phone: 260627
George Osborne
(Central Avenue)
Phone: 261859
Iain Osborne Phone: 07934464053
Robert Snedker
(Cobley Close)
Phone: 262664
Christina Williams (Parsons Street) Phone: 260009                              

The business areas that each councillor specialises in can be found here: Who Does What?

Councillors are obliged to register any personal interests that they may have in respect of Council business. This list is available on the Daventry District Council web site and can be accessed here:- Woodford cum Membris Parish Councillors Register of Interests.

In addition the Parish Council Clerk, Gary Smith, can be contacted about Parish Council matters. You can reach him by email at:

Other useful contacts for local and national government are:

District Councillors Jo Gliford Phone: 01327 872156
Liz Griffin Phone: 01327 261983
Rupert Frost Phone:                           
County Councillor Robin Brown Phone: 01327 842130
Member of Parliament Chris Heaton-Harris Phone (appointments): 01604 859721
Surgeries: Last Friday of the month