Accounts & Budgets

As a public body, Woodford cum Membris Parish Council is required to publish its accounts and to provide access to bills, receipts and other documents relating to the accounts.

Every year the Council prepares a budget which shows expected income and expenditure. The Parish receives the bulk of its income (almost 75%) from the “Precept”, an amount included by Daventry District Council in your Council Tax.

Other income comes from hire fees for village venues, burial fees, grants and WOW advertising. Last year the Parish Council spent over £350,000 on local services and amenities (that figure includes the purchase of Great Central Woodland).

The budget for this year is shown here:-

Parish Budget & Precept 2017-2018 Income

Parish Budget & Precept 2017-2018 Expenditure

Details of expenditure and income, month by month are given in the minutes of each Parish Council meeting available here.

Accounts for previous years are shown below:-

Financial Statement 2016-17

Budget Income 2016-17

Budget Expenditure 2016-17

Financial Statement 2015-16

Budget Income 2015-16

Budget Expenditure 2015-16