Parish Council

What Does Your Parish Council Do?

The Woodford Cum Membris Parish Council meets regularly on the second Tuesday of each month and occasionally at other times for special meetings.

Meetings are usually held in the Memorial Hall. Members of the public are always welcome to attend. You can find copies of the Agenda for each forthcoming meeting here to see if there’s anything that concerns you due for discussion. We also publish a record of each meeting in Parish Council Minutes. You can also see the latest version of the Council’s budget and accounts. (Recent expenditure is detailed in each month’s minutes).

The Parish Council is part of the framework of Local Government that includes Daventry District Council and Northamptonshire County Council. Your councillors are elected by you. The services they provide are funded through a compulsory ‘precept’ which forms part of the Council Tax and is collected on their behalf by Daventry District Council. Woodford & Hinton Parish Council is currently responsible for spending £140,000 of your Council Tax on local amenities. (You can see budgets & financial statements here.)

Parish Councils also apply for grants for specific projects from District Councils, Government Departments, and charitable foundations. It responds to consultations by other public bodies on behalf of the community (responses are contained in Meeting Minutes). The Parish Council looks at planning applications within the parish prior to their consideration by Daventry District Council (read more about this here), and is responsible for the following facilities:

A list of councillors is also included on this website here and the areas that they look after are on our “Who Does What?” page.

You can always contact the council through the Parish Council Clerk, Gary Smith. He can be contacted about Parish Council matters by email at:

You can find out more about how the different parts of local government work together here and you can reach the sites for: