Neighbourhood Plan FAQ’s

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Neighbourhood Plans and answers from the Steering Group, Daventry’s Planning Department and other sources.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan for?
It is a legal document that has to be taken into account as part of the approval process for any local planning application.
What if we don’t have one?
Without a Neighbourhood Plan each planning application is considered on its own merits without reference to others and often without reference to the wishes of local residents.
Don’t developers just appeal and overrule plans?
Neighbourhood Plans don’t necessarily stop developments but a developer seeking approval for something that went against the local plan is in the same position as one appealing against a National Planning Policy and so they are much less likely to be successful.
What area does our plan cover?
The area being applied for covers the parish of Woodford-cum-Membris, including Woodford Halse, Hinton and West Farndon.
Will it cost us anything?
It should not cost the village anything beyond the current village budget. Steering Group members give their time freely. Grants are available to help villages meet the costs and the Working Group will seek all the funding possible.
What benefits will the village get?
Beyond helping to control developments, the scheme also attracts additional community funding from developments that do take place. From April 2015,  in villages without a Neighbourhood Plan developers will pay 15% of the Community Infrastructure Levy to the local community. With a plan, it will be 25%.
What benefits will individual residents get?
Residents get a say in what happens in their community and as a result a better living and working environment. It has also been suggested that there can be insurance cost benefits in living in an area with a plan. (To be verified)
Who gets a say in the village plan?
All village residents have had the opportunity to make their views known during the Consultation stage. The Steering Group is also consulting with adjoining villages and Daventry District Council. In the end village residents get to vote on the plan in a local referendum.
 Can I see the plan?
Yes, the version that is being reviewed by Daventry District Council is available here and a summary has been provided here. Once their consultation is complete a final version will be made available.
How do I comment on the plan?
The initial consultation phases have been completed but there will be further opportunities to comment during the District Council Consultation phase. We will publish the details here once they are known.
What happens next?
The next steps in the process are detailed in this update from the Steering Group.