Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan for Woodford Halse, Hinton and West Farndon will help to ensure that the village develops in the ways that village residents want.

The plan is being considered by an independent examiner prior to it being adopted by Daventry District Council and put before the village in a referendum.


The plan was created by a Steering Group of local residents chaired by a Parish Councillor and with much local consultation. You can learn about that here: Consultation Page.

You can read progress reports here and keep up to date with the referendum when it is announced .


Neighbourhood Plans help to control planning applications in the village for things like new housing developments, industrial developments and change of use. They also help provide additional funding for community initiatives.

Neighbourhood Plans have legal status but they need to be supported by local residents and local residents have to be consulted about them. Plans go through a local referendum – in other villages that have done this the turnout has been around 80% and the approval rate 90%.

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