Parish Parking Meetings

The following update after the recent public meetings on parking in the village has been provided by Parish Councillor Jean Curd:-

Earlier this month the Parish Council held two meetings with residents to consider the parking problems in the village.  A number of ideas were considered and it was agreed that updates would be included on the Village Signpost so that residents are kept up to date with progress. The following information has been obtained so far on the points that the Council was asked to clarify:

Residents Parking Permits

Highways have confirmed that the use of parking permits is only considered in exceptional circumstances – for example where visitors to a hospital or a railway station, or workers in local factories, are parking in residential areas.  As cars parking in Woodford Halse are mainly owned by local residents they do not believe residential parking permits would solve the problem

Marked parking bays

There is evidence that this can reduce available parking as each bay is marked for larger cars.  Owners of smaller cars do not take up so much space.

In addition the narrow roads would not be wide enough to put marked bays on both sides of the road so overall parking would be reduced.

Diagonal bays

Highways would not consider that the roads are wide enough to introduce marked diagonal bays.

One way system

Normally the County Council will not consider the introduction of one way systems unless there is a record of accidents, or significant amounts of “rat running” which a one way system would reduce.   In addition they point out that the introduction of one way systems often results in increased speeding and there are concerns that cyclists, especially children, often fail to observe the one way system. A one way system is not likely to be approved for roads in Woodford Halse.

Other Suggestions

During the meeting residents made the following suggestions:

  • Residents asked that people parking cars on the roadside consider leaving their phone number visible so that neighbours could phone them if they needed to ask them to move their cars
  • Residents also asked people with spare parking spaces if they would offer these to neighbours

Work is ongoing on some of the other suggestions and updates will be provided in the Village Signpost.  A more detailed report will be presented to Councillors at the January 8th meeting of the Parish Council.


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  1. Hitesh Popat says:

    No mention of available parish council assets? Car park behind memorial hall , car park behind Dryden Hall??

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