Woodland Wood

Do you know these women & this car?

They were seen taking wood from the woodland.

They were asked to replace it but would not.

The wood cut down has been sold to the company doing the work to pay for the costs of the felling. Taking wood from the woodland is theft. Stealing wood is stealing from all village residents.

This theft has been reported to the police.


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2 Responses to Woodland Wood

  1. Charlesherald says:

    With regard to the logs being taken would it not be sensible to remove the logs at the end of the day I realise that it’s maybe difficult but it would avoid the present problems

    • John Williams says:

      It’s down to the contractors to do the work in the way that’s moody efficient for them and I guess it’s a balance of having enough of a load/ big enough lorry. That said, people should know not to take stuff that doesn’t belong to them.

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