Parish Council IT

At their July meeting, the Parish Council decided to go ahead with changes to the Council’s technology support. This involves:

  • installing wifi and internet access in the Memorial Hall
  • providing Councillors with email addresses for parish council business
  • publishing an internet web address specific to the council

Parish email addresses will avoid the risk of parish business becoming caught up with personal emails and are intended to make it easier for local residents to contact Councillors.

There will be news of the wifi facility once it is installed but other changes start to come in at once.

The Parish Council now has its own web address, separate from the Signpost, This is already available and points directly to the main Parish Council page on the Village Signpost. You can still reach this page by clicking on “Parish Council” in the menu bar at the top of this page.

Parish Councillors are able to use an email address such as

Now that all Councillors have changed over to the new system the email contacts on this page and other parts of the Signpost have been updated.

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