06/18 Woods Committee Agenda

The agenda for next week’s Great Central Woodland Management Committee is now available. The Committee will meet at 7:00pm on Wednesday 20th June 2018 in the Farndon Room, behind the Library.

Download a copy of the agenda here.

All are welcome to attend. If you have issues to raise please email the Chairman, Paul Blackwell, or the secretary, John Williams, before the meeting.

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3 Responses to 06/18 Woods Committee Agenda

  1. Dave Newman says:

    Dear sir, having seen the work going on with the thinning you may like to know that I have seen a kingfisher earlier this year flashing down the “Infant Cherwell”. Now that the trees down to the river are in full set I have not seen it since, possibly due to the large overhang of branches across the river.
    Just a thought, might it be prudent whilst you have the foresters on site to consider removing the front line of large trees on the river bank slope to allow more light and access for wildlife that use the river. It would also be of use in the future, come the autumn and winter with leaves and branches dropping off and blocking up the river.
    The resulting logs could even possibly be placed sideways and used to shore up the bank side to stop erosion.
    Just an observation.
    Yours, Dave.

    • johnwillimas says:

      Dave – sorry but I didn’t pick this up until after the meeting but I will pass on your comments. Thanks for your input.

    • Ian Dobson says:

      Hi Dave,
      The kingfishers have been breeding and feeding along this stretch of the river and further down towards West Farndon since i have lived in the village..some 42 years. I take on board your comments and some shadeing of the river could be addressed but some of the overhanging branches are used as fishing posts so any removal would surely have to be monitored.On a wildlife note have you seen the Beautiful Demoiselle damselflys along the river..a sight to behold,
      Regards Ian Dobson
      (Ian is the village Wildlife & Tree Warden…Ed.)

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