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Daventry District Council is consulting on proposals to extend and increase its powers to address irresponsible dog ownership across the district. It wants to extend current powers until 2021 and add additional powers.

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The consultation period closes at midnight on Tuesday 24 July 2018. Read this flyer for more details.

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) can be used to regulate activities in public places that have a “detrimental effect on the local community”. They provide local councils and the police with additional powers to tackle antisocial behaviour.

Following an extensive consultation exercise, which prompted over 800 responses; Daventry District Council introduced a PSPO to tackle irresponsible dog ownership on 1st December 2015 to run for three years.

When this period is up in December 2018 the council can either extend the Order, or consult the public and introduce changes to create a new PSPO which will run for a further three year period up to 2021.

Current Requirements
The PSPO made it an offence if a person in control of a dog:

  1. Fails to pick up after their dog
  2. Fails to exclude their dog from a defined children’s play area
  3. Fails to put their dog on a lead when requested by an authorised officer
  4. Fails to keep their dog on a lead around the café area at Daventry Country Park
  5. Fails to have the means to pick up after their dog

As mentioned above, the council is keen to continue with these five requirements for another 3 year period but wishes to gauge the level of public support regarding a series of the additional proposals.

Proposed Requirements

The council is considering introducing the following changes:

  1. Dogs should always be on a lead in graveyards, cemeteries or memorial gardens
  2. Dogs should always be kept on leads near schools
  3. Dogs should always be kept on leads in built up areas
  4. Dogs should be excluded from playing areas of marked and maintained sports pitches (in season)
  5. A defined lead length and type of lead is to be used in areas where a dog should be on a lead.
  6. A restriction on the number of dogs to be walked at any one time
  7. Prohibition of smoking from defined children’s play areas
  8. Introduce DNA restricted areas of public space
  9. Delegation of enforcement powers to parish councils

Read the flyer for more details and give DDC your feedback

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One Response to Dog Law Proposals

  1. A Clarke says:

    Some eminently sensible suggestions here but others wrankle when this is put forward by a council hell bent on building on public amenity ground and is planning more land grabs.

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