Woods Work Stopped

The Woodland Management Committee reports that they have had to stop work in the woodland as a result of interference by children both after school hours and during the school day.

This week and last there were instances of children interfering with felling operations.  The PCSO is dealing with the older children who were playing “chicken” with the mechanical harvester that fells and stacks trees.

On Tuesday this week, a young boy truanting from school was “camped” in the pathway of the harvester. This was in the deepest & thickest part of the wood – invisible from any paths until now. Luckily he was spotted by the operator before any trees could be felled in the vicinity.

Obviously this cannot continue. Work has stopped. The harvester equipment (which was an important part of the Committee’s plan to carry out this work without cost to the village) has now gone from site and the Committee is reassessing how to proceed.

Right now though, even though felling has stopped  the woodland is not a safe place away from the paths. Because the work has had to be interrupted, there is much laying timber. Unsafe trees that were planned for felling have yet to be dealt with. If you use the woodland, please stay on paths and be aware of felled timber.

The Committee will provide an update as soon as it is clear how work can proceed.

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2 Responses to Woods Work Stopped

  1. patricia evans says:

    what is it with these idiots who have to spoil everything for the rest of us.I had my granddaughter and her 2 young children visiting from Germany recently and we had a lovely ramble along the new paths that have been cleared.I was very impressed with the improvements to the woodland.Thanks to all concerned.

    • johnwillimas says:

      Thanks, Patricia. I’ll pass on your comments to the team. Hopefully we will get work started again soon – the aim is to make the woods even better longer term by improving the growth of the strongest trees.

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