Weekend Weather Warning

Message from the Met Office Advisor – Potential for a Brief Return to Colder Weather This Weekend

At the end of the week and over the weekend the Met Office is expecting a spell of cold weather before moderating somewhat as we head into the new working week.

Being mid-March and with the spring equinox around the corner means that – although this expected cold snap will not be as extreme or long lived as the cold spell late February and into early March – it could still be notable, with the potential for disruptive snowfall in places.

Based on the latest forecast information, here are the main points for our region:

  •  The cold spell will be sourced from a similar area to the late February/early March spell – namely eastern Scandinavia and north west Russia.
  • Onset is most likely to be late Friday/Saturday with, like last time, the cold air accentuated over the weekend in particular by a strong or gale force wind from the east – which will bring a very marked wind chill.
  • Saturday and Sunday are likely to be the coldest days in terms of the combined low temperatures and wind chill – with big difference when comparing Friday with Saturday. Winds should ease down from Monday onwards.
  • The snow factor is difficult to gauge for now – but current thoughts are that snow showers could arrive during Saturday, with some accumulations of snow starting to affect the region later on in the day.
  • Overnight and into Sunday could see frequent, heavy snow showers and some drifting of the snow – although this unlikely to be a repeat of what we experienced between 27th February and 3rd March looks unlikely. However, some disruption to transport does seem possible – this especially in the most prone areas as we witnessed previously.
  • The degree of uncertainty in snow shower extent and amounts mean no warnings will be issued today – but more likely tomorrow.
  • By next Monday with high pressure edging closer in, snow shower activity should gradually reduce, though with lighter winds overnight frosts may actually become more severe for a time.
  • PHE have this morning raised their Cold Weather Alert to Level 2 for the East Midlands for the period 0900 Friday to 0900 Monday.
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